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Due to a number of things I have chosen to end this event. There will be no results, and there will be no prizes. Sorry to those of you who might of recived one. Hopefully there will be a new event sometime fairly soon. I will do my best to create a new one quickly.

But just so people have a general idea this is the quick sum as to how events come to be:

+ It starts by going back and readying every response ive gotten from any prior event as to what people liked, didnt like, think should be changed. 
+ Then knowing not everyone likes every style of event I have to look at which group of people the last event was for and who I should aim this one more towards.
+ So this event I took the some people wanting a real challange. And the fact that people wanted more lives so they could play longer
+ Then I put in anywhere from 40-80 hours over about 3-4 weeks to build it and put it together. 99% of this before we mention one is coming up
+ In that last week while the post is up I spend probably another 10 hours on bug testing. And yes I do sometimes miss things.
Remember Im one guy trying to apease the masses so not everybody is going to like everything. But I try my best to come to a somewhat middle ground, and switch event types up so everyone will hopefully come acrross ones they enjoy.
I will however leave the old event up for a bit if people want to just play for fun on a much much more challanging level
Libushe PS: The Owner work is behind my imagination, so I think that we should give him donation for his time consuming work!
Libushe It happened. I hope that next time our contest will be more successful. It is just learning experience.
Cypher_Xero its ok jam..... you created an event of epic proportions, you work hard on these events and we all appreciate the time y...

From 00:05 on the 21st April we’re back with a brand new event that we’ve dubbed ‘survival nightmare’
You’ll have one week to gain as many points as possible for a chance to win some wonderful prizes (watch this space…)
You’ll loose a point every time you die, and gain five points every time you kill another player, plus there’s a chance for some unconfirmed bonus points (again, watch this space!)

Just remember, think you’re safe?

You’re not.

wittywolf I've been trying to give the event world a chance... ugh... now, I've made a game of getting killed to be resp...
wittywolf Yes, survival nightmare... I tried one night of it... not enjoyable at all. I won't be playing this server for a ...
wittywolf Well... died a lot in the first hour... mobs all over the place.... cant even start doing anything... as soon as I stop ...

Acid Island is back!

Can you survive and grow your tiny island?

Complete a number of challanges along the way to earn rewards to help you grow.

And don't forget... All water is acidic. 

Good luck, and have fun!

Cypher_Xero still set up like a temple?
wittywolf Awww... glitched... or maybe flagged wrong?... Cobble won't generate...
wittywolf Awesome! This is as good as skyblock... watch out for the rain!

Exciting news for you all this evening! We've another one of our hardcore events coming up soon! Starting on the 10th Feburary at midnight GMT you'll have one week to survive for as long as you can! Points will be awarded for the length of time on the server you stay alive, and for how many people you kill. And as always a few players will have bounty's on them, meaning you'll earn more points for managing to kill them!

Excitingly, thanks to our new server set up, for the first time we'll be able to run this event on the main server, meaning once you die, you can continue to chat to everyone still participating in the event.

So what will be your strategy? Hide yourself away? Or go on a murderous rampage? Either way, come join us, and see how long you can survive.
(IP play.maplemoose.net)

wittywolf I didn't last long on this one... when's the next event?
AllDatJaz Im scared...curious but scared
Cypher_Xero See you all there Muahahaha!!!!!

As part of out winter updating the creative world is now live on our network! You can get there by either doing /creative or by using the portal at the lobby. 

Use /plot auto to claim a plot when you arrive and /plot help to see the help command menu!

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