Hi.... I know people don’t really use the modded server much anymore but I sort of have an idea on how to make it fun...

Ok so, we could do islands or sky block.. so people aren’t like running into people and aren’t like well I’m building here and your in the way.. (that’s an example) I’ve seen a mod that sort of makes modded more fun. It’s called hardcore questing mode, where you the owner or who ever makes the technic modpack, can make quests for people to do.

Such as, you can have different quest pages for each mod or different levels, then when you complete the quest, you can earn items, exp.. other things.. (food?)

Obviously, everyone’s favourite, tinkers construct.

The chicken mod was a good mod, a lot of people loved that.. including me and the add onto it more chickens. I know, it was taken out because it was OP but it was fun.

Thaumcraft, which now is 1.12 :d I like that it brings in a magically part to the game and that it was fun, it had changed a lot but it was good!

I know it doesn’t seem a big idea but it’s an idea! And to me it seems like a great idea!

Mods mentioned: