More details of the network overhaul announced a few weeks ago.

We dropped the servers for Acid Islands, Extreme, and Creative as they had not been recieving much play time. So the money saved there can be used to improve the other servers.

To accommodate this we redesigned the main network lobby. Temporarily you will spawn in this lobby whenever you log in.

The first server to recieve an overhaul (and so far only update to have gone live) was islands survival. The spawn has been completely redone, and we added a shop for items. The shop can be added to, if there is something you want, just let staff know and we can expand it.

Some minor changes and fun things...
- You can now use coloured text in signs and in anvils
- /kit color is avalaible to show you the colour codes
- /lay is now a command similar to /sit
- A silk touch pick axe can pick up spawners
- Spawn eggs can be used to change spawners
- The ability to fly has been removed in the end
- you can use /tptoggle to disable players tping to you
- /rtp has been removed except for at spawn to find a clean island for new users
- Added new "group permissions" (Currently does nothin, but will allow for future things)