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Important Reporting -- Please Read

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JamGallant aMANAGER
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Use this section to report errors or bugs.

Please start a new thread for any new issue.

When reporting an issue please give as much detail as possible, and if you can screenshots of the problem.


Simply saying something is broken or not working is not enough information. For example, saying 'The crafting book is broken.' It leaves a lot of possible issues in the air, and will be hard for me to find and fix as I don't know what I'm looking for. If you say 'When I try to craft with the crafting book the items jump out of the work bench before I can craft.' Then I'll know where to start and can hopefully get it fixed faster.
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Jam's right, and it bears repeating: the more information you can give, the more likely it is that he'll be able to find the issue, and probably the faster it will get fixed!

Before reporting a bug, if you run through this quick list of questions to ask, and things to include in your bug report, then it should make everything go a lot smoother:

- Is there already a thread in this forum about it? One of the worst things as a developer is getting umpteen different messages from different people all saying the same thing about the same issue. If there's already a thread about your issue, then don't post a new thread, but do feel free to reply to the existing one with your bug report.

- Is the issue reproducible? The first thing to try is always logging out and back in again, or restarting your minecraft game or computer. This often fixes a lot of issues that are to do with your computer, rather than anything that can be fixed on the server side.

- Is this something that other people have encountered? If nobody else is online to ask (or even if there are other people online!), it's a good idea to google your issue, to see if it's something that other people have come across. Nine times out of ten, it's something that other people have found, posted about, and fixed. If you can find information about similar bugs online, it usually makes it a lot faster and easier to track down the issue, even if you can't find a complete fix - just knowing whether other people have had the issue on other servers is already a big help!

- Could this be a connection issue? This is sort of related to the previous question: if it's just you having issues with lag, or timing out, then it's probably your internet connection.

Again, the best thing to bear in mind is that the more detail you can give us, the faster and more likely it is that Jam will be able to find a fix!

Remember, Jam already has a full time job, and doesn't get paid for maintaining Maple Moose - he's chosen to run it in his spare time, and has been paying for server upkeep! Bugs are frustrating as a user, of course, but they're even more frustrating as a developer, so anything we can do as users to make the support job easier is definitely worth doing!
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