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Pixelmon modded server by Maple Moose is available on the Technic launcher


The pack is based around Pixelmon, with a few utilities added in;

Journey Map

Tinkers Construct and PlusTIC


Builders Wands





Large changes to the server today. A lot of things were drastically changed on the backend today. It is very possible that I have made a mistake or ten. Unfortunately I do not always have the time to fully test every possibility. If you do have a bug please post it here http://www.maplemoose.net/forum/m/35763614/viewforum/8558828

-New system in place for handling permissions. If you can not use something you could before please let me know as I may have missed it while transferring.

-Eco has started to be revamped, and is now actually good for something. Add-ons below introduce more usage for money with more things to come

Global trade system


Adds auctions and a global "trade" market. Trade system is a global store that anyone can add items to.



Lets you trade Pokémon, items, and money

-If all your Pokémon faint you blackout and will go to the last healer or bed you used. You will loose money. This is added to counter some of the OP /pokeheal.

-Added a couple things for fun and functionality;


Add commands like essentials did. Homes have been reset (oops), and things like /back should work better? Let me know if there are commands not working that you think you should have



Rewards for catching specific Pokémon

-A real spawn is being built to house useful things and a special gym. This is still a WIP and not accessible.

We have just done a very large scale maintenace overhauling the network!

You'll notice we removed some of the worlds. Our decision to do this came from a number of factors. The main one being to focus on the worlds that are significantly more popular. We want to be able to spend more time improving, rather than trying to maintain them all. Having said that, we are still thinking of having rolling worlds again.

We have redone the main lobby completely. For the next little while you will spawn there every time you log in, this is just to prevent bugs from moving servers around.

So far we have only completed one full server overhaul, Islands. We have a new spawn with lots of things to explore, and lots of easter eggs (exploring it well might help in a future event *wink*). We have also added in a server shop for items. If there are items you think should be in there that aren't let us know.

On the website you will find a live world map for the islands server as well. Here you can see where people are, what they're building, and even chat to in game from the website!

One downside on islands is that it will look like you have lost a bunch of stuff. Staff can restore it! Just let us know where and we will come get it fixed!

Cypher_Xero guess whos back... back again... no, im not him XD
wittywolf With soap... maybe use a loofa...
TaintedFT aMANAGER Scrub.

Acid Islands and Survival Islands are now 1.12

I am happy to announce we have got 1.12 running on survival and creative now!

I don't expect it to have gone as smooth as we all wish it could. There will likely be some new bugs. If you find some please let me do and I'll fix them ASAP.


JamGallant aMANAGER Voting is now sometimes rewarding. We can call this progress? Maybe...
JamGallant aMANAGER Making progress on the voting issues, sorry for the long time, unfortunately because of the voting systems, I can only t...
wittywolf Found all but the dark blue parrot in /islands already... funny to have them all flying around with me, each making thei...

Hey Folks!

As some of you may have noticed, the staff have been very busy over on the "Super Secret" server. Sadly, I cant tell you what the project is just yet, but, I was able to sneak this cheeky photo off the server without Jam noticing. Keep your eyes and ears open within the fourms as I will do my best to sneak a few more photos off to give you tid bits here and there on this Super Secret Project!

Fourm Link: Super Secret Project Fourm

Cypher_Xero OoOoOoOo!..... *Licks Castle* Mine!! looks great

Due to issues with some users and some negative user to user interactions the event has been ended and no prizes will be awarded. Thanks for those who participated and I am sorry that this has occured for a second event in a row. 

wittywolf I thought it was good of you to have started another so soon... no worries, Jam... as it turned out, I was able to do a ...
JamGallant aMANAGER I am very sorry for this. And I know it looks really bad to have been ended again. There will be a larger time gap befor...
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