Today I released the new full version update to the modded server.

Because it is a full version update it does mean the server world needed to be reset. The most important thing that this update provides is stability. It also means that going forward we should not need to reset the world again (unless people want it at some point).

Somethings were removed. The main two that come to mind are rogue like dungeons and chickens/hatchery. With the removal of these we should see less world gen lagg, and general block lagg.

Many things were adjusted. For the most part only one type of each ore will spawn in the world, but should still be compatible with all mods. The ore generation is also tweaked so everyone should be able to find the resources they need. Nether portals should now put you in and out of the ones you started from. There are other additions and fixes that I can't really remember. As I do I'll add them here.